HaXmas '19

HaXmas 2019 is an ideathon and a Youth Dialogue Forum which is proposed to be held on the 25th and 26th of January 2019. The ideathon will commence on the 25th of January, where participant teams will be required to come up with an inventive Hardware/Software solution for a scenario that will be prepared ahead of time by Industry Professionals for the ideathon. It will also serve as a bridge between the Rotaract community and the tech-savvy crowd. The forum will commence on the 26th of January where eight distinct speakers will address the gathering in two separate sessions to enlighten young individuals and guide them on the career path.

The Ideathon will open the gates to the youth, to find their passion and showcase their ideas and put them to test in the eyes of business giants. This Ideathon will expose participants to opportunities as well as it will give them exposure on how to pitch/present their tech-related ideas to the tech industry and investors promisingly. It will also benefit the businesses who are interested in tech-related products/services to identify potential candidates and give them all the support to bring their product/service to the market successfully.

The Youth Dialogue Forum will be based on entrepreneurship, Leadership and Motivation which will be an eye-opening experience to the youth as they will be learning from nine successful speakers on the challenges they faced and how to cope up with the present world with real life examples. This forum will be a motivation to the youngsters with aspiring ambitions as it will be an interactive sessions with the speakers in which we will be providing a Question and Answer Session.